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Iguazu Falls, Argentina

16 Feb

Next morning we made way to the Argentinian side.  We had to scramble as our plane to Salvador was due for later that day.  Talk about cutting it close.

Collected my laundry, my first since the camping trip, and it was great to smell clean again.  Packed up.  Grabbed food.  And took a bus trip to the falls where we met a Russian family of three from New York.

Then we practically ran to the different view points so we could take it all in.

We also grabbed a speedboat that took us straight under the falls. More negative ions.  Mmm, good.

To get to the really big falls (pictured below), we had to take a train.  But after waiting on a really long line, the ranger informed us the people in front of us would be the last ones to board.

So as soon as he turned, I made a run for the train and despite his blowing of a whistle and stomping his feet, I slipped into an open seat and Danny found one as well.